Saturday, July 26, 2008

How to choose good used Cars

Choosing the right cars may sound very easy especially if you the financial capacity to do so.

A person who is rich can easily change cars in just a short period of time, but of course how many are they in this world? Average people especially in the 3rd world countries often change their cars minimum of 5 years and maximum of 2 decades depending on the financial capacity of the person and the life span of the car.

Because of this habit, people develop the sentimental sense and as the car ages they often find it hard to sell for two reasons:

1. The car has a very low value which a smart buyer would not take the risk on wasting his time finding obsolete spare parts for the car.

2. Sentimental value is another hinder to which a person finds it hard to let go of the vehicle. Funny,sad,romantic and sometimes tragic memories or moments linger to the leather seats of the car which when at the precise moment a person tries to sell, it all comes back to them and begins to whisper.

Used cars are at its best when they are not used that long by the former owner, although prices might go down about 70 or 60% of what the price used to be, how will you know if the 2nd hand car you bought came in with a fair price?

Here are tips on how to choose a good used cars

1. First of all you must find what car fits you, you must know yourself, find out what you want in a car, is it a very cool aircon?, high speed and acceleration? or something that you could bring your family and friends into a comfort ride?

2.Once your done on getting to know yourself, canvass or research for sites or contact numbers

so that you could stumble unto companies or people who will sell their cars at a cheap price. you can do this through;

a.) The Internet

b.) The phone book

c.) referral from the network of people you know

3.) Once you find the company or the potential seller, make sure that they used their cars atleast for 3 years and not more than 5 years.

4.) Ask if the car is insurred and how much the insurrance cover for it.

5.) check the last year the car was on warranty.

6.) Check the vehicle's mileage, how far has it gone?

this is very important so that you would know how beat up the engine has been.

7.) Lastly, always bring a mechanic or someone who knows about engines. this is always the crutial part, if you don't do this your in for a loss.

A fair bargain will surely happen once these tips are practiced, especially the last tip which commonly are forgotten by buyers because of their excitement on having a new ride.



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